A case filed under sedition against four individuals for hoisting Pakistan’s flag !

English comments

  • After India’s partition, Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh are being eliminated while the population of religious fanatics, who remained in India, is increasing day by day. They are engaged in such anti-national and anti-Hindu activities. When will the secularists and progressives realise it ?
  • Such anti-nationals should be arrested, tried in Fast Track Courts, and sentenced to death !

Gorakhpur (UP) – Pakistan’s flag was hoisted by a person named Talim, on his house within the jurisdiction of Chauri Chaura Police Station. As the pro-Hindu organisations received this information, they started gathering in the area and the mob started pelting stones at the house. They also damaged a vehicle of a person named Shalim. The Police reached there and dispersed the crowd when they heard about the incident. A case has also been filed against Talim, Pappu, Ashiq, and Arif under sedition. Interrogations are going on in this case.

A complaint has been lodged by Kalyan Pande, the National President of ‘Brahman Jankalyan Samiti’. He said that in case the accused were not arrested, their house would be demolished.

The Police have informed that investigations were going on presently and soon, the accused would be arrested. It will be verified whether he has any foreign connections. Inquiry is also made about the flag hoisted by Talim; whether it was of Pakistan or Islam?