Condition to accept Islam placed in front of the people of Nat community for burial in Rampur (Varanasi)

Editorial Comment

Is Varanasi in India or Pakistan ? Hindus demand that the BJP Government in Uttar Pradesh should investigate this incident and take action against the culprits.

Varanasi (UP) – The people of the Nat community were forced to convert to Islam to bury their dead at Rampur. Sushila Devi of Nat community in Rampur had died. It is customary in this community to bury the dead. Husband Sachau Nat and other relatives went to the Bharwar Basti to bury her body, but they were asked to convert to Islam before the body was cremated. As soon as the information of this incident was received, activists of pro-Hindu organisations reached the spot and the Police were also called and then the last rites were performed.

The land on which the burial of the dead body was obstructed belongs to the Hindus where the burial takes place according to their traditions. A complaint was lodged at the local Phulpur police station on 30th October. The complaint claimed that the ‘Bhu-Samadhi’ (burial) tradition was obstructed.

This is the work of the people who have already been converted to Islam – Hindu Jagran Manch

Editorial comment

This proves that the converts are more fundamentalists.

Hindu Jagran Manch has demanded the administration to take strict action against the culprits. The office bearer of Hindu Jagran Manch Gaurish Singh said that the people who created pressure to convert to Islam belonged to the Nat community earlier. Later, they converted to Islam. Now they are pressuring others in the community to convert. Apart from this, the Nat community falls in the category of Scheduled Castes. Although some members of the Nat community have converted to Islam, they have retained their Hindu names. This is a conspiracy to mislead society and the Government and continue to take advantage of the Government benefits to the Scheduled Castes. (How can the Administration which has all the systems at hand not get the information which a pro-Hindu organisation could get ? The Government should take action against the concerned officers, as well as those who take advantage of Government benefits by retaining Hindu names even after conversion. – Editor)