Sanatan Sanstha has no dealings in any of the terrorist Dawood Ibrahim’s properties ! : Sanatan Sanstha

Mumbai – The politics involved in the drugs bust case in Mumbai has stooped to a new low. Nawab Malik, while responding to the allegations levelled against him, has unnecessarily used the name of Sanatan Sanstha without validating the facts. Sanatan Sanstha has not dealt in any of the properties of the notorious terrorist Dawood Ibrahim. In fact, according to newspaper reports in Ratnagiri, the property was bought by Delhi-based lawyer Ajay Srivastava. He has announced to start a Gurukul called ‘Sanatan Dharma Paathshala’ to impart religious education to the children there. Mr Chetan Rajhans, the National Spokesperson of Sanatan Sanstha, has clarified through the press release that Sanatan Sanstha has no connection with Advocate Ajay Srivastava. He said, ‘Nawab Malik should not make fun of himself by making such false allegations regarding Sanatan Sanstha without having enough information. This is his evil attempt to spread misconceptions about Hindu organisations in society. The Maharashtra Government should warn Nawab Malik against making such statements’.

…Otherwise, legal action may follow !

Mr Chetan Rajhans

Mr Chetan Rajhans further said, ‘By naming Sanatan Sanstha, Nawab Malik has tried to shift focus from the allegations levelled against him by the Maharashtra Opposition Leader Devendra Fadnavis. Nawab Malik has been accused of purchasing land directly from the criminals charged with terrorism, and the property that he is referring to, Dawood’s property, has been confiscated and auctioned by the Central Government. Therefore, it should be noted that even Advocate Srivastava did not purchase it from Dawood, but bought it through a Government auction. Therefore, Nawab Malik’s attempt to stabilise his weak stance based on false information has been exposed. In this context, we are issuing a warning through this press release that legal action may follow against any attempt to spread false information about Sanatan Sanstha’.