Ban imposed only on harmful firecrackers : Supreme Court

The Court also clarified that the ban is not targeted against any particular community

New Delhi – ‘There is no 100% ban on firecrackers in the country. It is only on crackers made from harmful chemicals and not on ‘green’ firecrackers. Our order should be strictly followed’, the Supreme Court said in a hearing on the petition.

The Apex Court said,

Everyone knows how the country’s investigation agencies are. We only allowed the sale of ‘green crackers’ (less polluting crackers); yet, all kinds of firecrackers are being sold in the market.

Everybody knows what happens to Delhi every year due to the pollution of firecrackers. Fireworks have been banned in the wider public interest. Some people are making the impression that the ban is against a particular community. We are making it clear that this is not the case. No one’s life can be played with for the sake of entertainment. We are here to protect fundamental rights.