Congress Government in Rajasthan bans construction of worship places in Police Stations

Editorial comment

  • It is evident that the Congress Government has targeted Hindus and passed this order only to appease Muslims. In a ‘secular’ India, there are unofficial dargahs in the premises of administrative offices, and in some places, space has even been allocated for namaz. Congress or so-called secularists never oppose this !

Jaipur (Rajasthan) – Police Stations in Rajasthan have been banned from establishing Hindu Puja temples inside. An order in this regard has been issued by the State Police HQ. BJP has criticised the order. A religious site for Hindus has been set up in every Police Station in the State and worship is performed there. An explanation has been issued from the Police HQ following the controversy after the order, which says, that the present order would not apply to the Police Station and offices that already have religious sites in it. It has been clarified that this order will apply to the newly formed Police Stations and offices.

A Ponnuchami, Additional Director General of Housing, Rajasthan Police, issued the order on 25th October. The order said that in the past few years, there has been a growing trend of constructing religious places in the name of faith in various offices and premises of the Police Department, which is not appropriate under the law.

According to the Rajasthan Religious Structure and Sites Act, 1954, it is illegal to build a religious site in a public place. There is no provision for the construction of a religious place on the map of the administrative building of the Police Station.

Congress Government should roll back the draconian order ! – BJP

BJP MP Dr Kirodi Lal Meena released a video saying that by issuing this order, the Congress Government in the state has directly attacked the faith of Hindus. ‘This is an insult to Hindu Dharma and culture. This act shows the appeasement attitude of Congress. Issuing this order cannot be the audacity of a Policeman. Only the Government can issue such an order. We demand the withdrawal of this draconian order’. He has also warned that an attack on the faith of Hindus will not be tolerated.