China : 13 new covid cases reported; schools closed, flights cancelled

Editorial comment

When would India learn from China, where the immediate measures are implemented even after a very small number of cases are reported ?

Beijing (China) – New cases of Covid-19 have been reported in China. The outbreak has been linked to a group of tourists. To stamp out a new Covid-19 outbreak, schools have been closed and flights have been cancelled. Domestic outbreaks have largely been eliminated, but the country has logged the fifth day of 13 new Covid-19 cases.

It is being said that the latest outbreak is linked to a group of several elderly tourists who visited northern and north-western areas of China. They started in Shanghai before flying to Xi’an, Gansu Province, and Inner Mongolia. Many cases in their contacts including from the capital Beijing have been reported as Covid-19 positive.

In response, local Governments have rolled our mass testing and closed scenic spots and tourist sites, schools and entertainment venues. The lockdown has also been imposed in the area where the new cases have been reported. Those who need to leave the house compounds must present a negative Covid-19 report.