Sheikh Hasina gave party ticket to the mastermind of attacks on Hindus in 2016 elections : Taslima Nasreen

Editorial comment

This exposes Hasina’s hatred for Hindus. Thus, Hindus will not get protection when such politicians are in power. Considering this, India should proactively take strict measures for the protection of Hindus in Bangladesh. 

New Delhi – Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen has recently raised a concern about the Hindus in Bangladesh through a Tweet. She is sceptical if the present Government in Bangladesh will do justice to the Hindu residents in Bangladesh. She has exposed the real face of Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

She has Tweeted, “What is going to happen in Bangladesh ? Will Hasina bring the jihadists who vandalized Hindu’s properties to justice ? We must not forget that for contesting elections she has given her party- tickets to the mastermind of vandalizing Nasirnagar Hindu houses & temples in 2016!”