CPM Govt. of Kerala takes over Mattannur Mahadev Temple despite opposition

Administrative officers break open the lock to enter the Temple

Editorial comments

  • This is the anti-Hindu governance of Marxists ! Only Hindu temples are taken over by Governments in this country. Realise that no Government under any political party has the guts to take over religious places of Christians or Muslims !
  • Sarsanghchalak Dr Mohan Bhagawat had opposed taking over the management of Hindu temples by Governments in an RSS rally on Vijaya Dashami. Considering this, Hindus’ feel that the BJP Government at the Centre should pass a law to stop Governments from taking over temples and handing them to devotees
  • Realise that no Government of any political party has the guts to take over religious places of Christians or Muslims !

Kannur (Kerala) – Despite intense opposition of devotees, the Communist (Marxist) Government of Kerala took over Mattannur Mahadev Temple with the help of a large Police force. This Temple will now be managed by ‘Malabar Devaswom Mandal’

The devotees tried very hard to stop the Police and administration, but the Police forcibly shoved the devotees and the Devaswom Mandal’s administrative officers also entered the temple by breaking open the lock to take control. ‘Devaswom Mandal’ is under the the State Government. This Temple was in very bad condition in the 1970s, and later, devotees came together to restore it completely.

Devotees have alleged that the officers of ‘Devaswom Mandal’ were accompanied by activists of the ruling Communist (Marxists) party. They forcibly entered the temple and put up a board of ‘Devaswom Mandal’. (If this is true, it demonstrates the dictatorial mindset of the Marxists ! The Supreme Court should take note of this at the time of hearing of this case. – Editor)

The Temple Committee has said that the action is wrong since the matter is sub judice. No notice was issued by ‘Devaswom Mandal’ in this context.

Mr Murali (President of ‘Devaswom Mandal’) said that the temple staff was getting only Rs 13,000/- as salary per month when the Temple Committee could have paid more. Now, this problem will be solved with the Temple under their control. (Does the administration know how much salary is paid to a maulvi or a bishop in a mosque or church ? – Editor)

Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) and other organisations have been opposing the Government taking over the Temple management. The Temple Committee has opposed the Government take over even in the Supreme Court.

Hindus should also get the right to manage their religious places as do the Muslims and Christians : Rahul Ishwar

Rahul Ishwar, a social worker said that though India got Independence in 1947, Hindu temples have not yet been freed. The practice, which was started in 1812 by the British, is going on even today. The British had taken over temples to suppress and control Hindus. Like Muslims and Christians, Hindus too should get the right to manage their religious places.