The new name of Bangladesh is Jihadistan and Sheikh Hasina the queen of this Jihadistan

Bangladesh author Taslima Nasreen condemned Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina for the serial attacks on Hindus by religious fanatics in Bangladesh

Editorial Comment

Can any Indian litterateur, writer, player, secularist or progressive be seen condemning the attacks on Bangladeshi Hindus ? In comparison, Taslima Nasreen seems to Hindus as their own.

New Delhi – Bangladesh writer Taslima Nasreen slammed Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina saying, the new name of Bangladesh is Jihadistan. Puja Pandals, Idols of Deities, temples, homes and shops have been vandalised by jihadis across Bangladesh. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has requested the media to remain silent. Sheikh Hasina has now become the mother of jihadis and the queen of jihadistan.

Taslima Nasreen has posted a total of 3 tweets in this regard. In the second tweet, she has said that thousands of people of Bangladesh have become homeless. Their houses have been burnt. At such a time, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is celebrating the birthday of her brother Sheikh Russel.

(It is the stark reality that the attacks on Hindus are not stopping in Hasina’s kingdom, who talks about giving harsh punishment to those who attack Hindus – Editor)

In her third tweet, Nasreen wrote, ‘Both these villages of Pirganj and Rangpur in Bangladesh were burnt, even then Hasina was playing the flute. 66 houses of Hindus were burnt in this village and 40 Hindus were injured in it.

2 days ago, Nasreen had tweeted that the followers of Prophet Mohammad are following the same path as the Prophet. The Prophet vandalised 360 Idols of Idol-worshipers in the Kaaba. Now his followers are also doing the same.