Those dishonouring Quran in Bangladesh should be beheaded

Controversial Moulavi of Furfura Sharif mosque Abbas Siddique issues a fatwa

Editorial comment

Do understand that TMC of Bengal will never act against such Maulana ! Bengal has become another Bangladesh. Hence, it will not be surprising if tomorrow Hindus and their Temples were to be attacked !

Kolkata (Bengal) – Furfura Sharif Cleric and Indian Secular Front (ISF) founder Pirzada Abbas Siddiqui issued a Fatwa that in Bangladesh, those who placed the Quran at the feet of the Hanuman Idol at a Durga Puja Pedal and recited Hanuman Chalisa should be beheaded.” He was speaking at a function held in 24 Pargana district. A video of his statement circulated through social media. BJP leader Tarun Jyoti Tiwari has filed a complaint to the Police of Kolkata regarding this.

Abbas Siddique further said,

If people think they have the right to dishonour the Quran, then I also have the right to behead them. Participation of Muslim youth in the Durga puja is wrong. “I remember that a few years ago, a Kaba theme was made at Durga Puja pandal. If you like Kaaba so much, then why don’t you embrace Islam,” he said in the video (Will Hindus at least now understand the futility of their laughable attempt to promote Sarv Dharm Sambhav (All religions are equal) during their festivals and stop this henceforth ? – Editor)

Earlier, Siddique had stated, “In India, 50 crore people should die due to virus” !

Abbas Siddique had made a controversial statement during the Corona period as well. He said, “Allah should accept my prayer and should spread such a virus due to which 50 crore people should die.” (Abbas would not have dared to issue the latest statement; had he been strongly punished for the earlier statement. Now, as well there is the least possibility that the Police under the TMC Government will act against him. This situation makes Hindu Rashtra inevitable. – Editor)