ISI’s conspiracy to target BJP, RSS and Kashmiri Hindus in Kashmir

Establishment of a new terrorist organisation to mislead

Editorial Comment

This again makes it clear that to eradicate jihadi terrorism in Kashmir, Pakistan must be destroyed.

Islamabad (Pakistan) – Pakistan’s spy agency ISI held a meeting with leaders of several terrorist organisations in Muzaffarabad in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir on 21st September. It was conspired to carry out massive attacks in Jammu and Kashmir. In Kashmir, it was plotted to kill Kashmiris, mainly those working with the Police, Security forces, and Intelligence agencies. Non-Kashmiri people, BJP and RSS were also on the hit list. A target to assassinate 200 people and create terror in the Kashmir valley was decided upon.

Terrorists who are not on the list of Indian Security forces will be used to carry out the attacks to show that the attacks were carried out by locals in support of the militants and not by terrorist organisations.

A new terrorist organisation was formed at the meeting, which will take responsibility for the killings and attacks and mislead Indian Intelligence agencies.