Online sale of ‘Navratri Bra’ by ‘’

Criticism through social media

Editorial Comments

  • As Hindus and their all-party rulers are inactive and irreligious, it is shameful for Hindus to be insulted by establishments during Hindu religious festivals !
  • Even though pro-Hindu organisations stopped the denigration by agitating about this, the Government must enact strict laws to put permanent pressure on it !

New Delhi- The website ‘’ has launched an online sale of women’s underwear, called ‘Navratri Bra’ during Navratri. Discounts are also being given on this. One ‘bra’ is being provided free of charge to those who purchase two ‘bras’.

Earlier, the website had also sold similar underwear against the backdrop of Rakshabandhan. Now there is a lot of criticism on social media about it. Questions are also being raised; why such underwear is not being sold when festivals of other religions arrive ?