Hindus protest over non-arrest of blasphemous Editor

Editorial comments

  • No action is being taken against the editors as Hindu sentiments have zero value in Punjab because it is ruled by the Congress Government. On the other hand, if the places of worship of other religions were insulted, action would have been taken without any complaint being lodged.
  • It should be investigated whether the anti-Hindu Sikh organisations supporting those who insult the Hindu Deities are anti-national Khalistani traitors ? If so, action should be taken against them.
  • Sikhism originated from Hindu Dharma. However, after Independence, Sikhs were not taught about it, so they distanced themselves from Hindu Dharma. Now they have started hating Hindu Dharma. This is disgraceful for all party rulers.

Ludhiana (Punjab) – Hindu organisations have filed a defamation suit against Jaspal Singh Heran, Editor of the Daily ‘Rozana Pahredar’ for making offensive statements against Hindu Deities. However, he has still not been arrested by the Police. Although the Police have registered a case under Section 295A for hurting religious sentiments, they are avoiding arresting Heran. Due to this, Hindus staged protests and staged agitation on a railway bridge in Ludhiana.

A few weeks ago, Sukhbir Singh Badal, President of Akali dal, visited the temple of Shri Chintpurani Devi. In the headline of the article written by Heran, the Goddess was offensively mentioned as ‘Begani Devi’ (Goddess with an unknown name). When Hindus protested, Sikh activists surrounded the Superintendent of Police’s office in support of the Editor. They demanded the withdrawal of the case registered against the Editor.