‘Mahmud Ghazni was 10th century Muslim warrior who attacked Somnath temple!’

Tweeted Taliban Government Haqqani Network Chief Anas Haqqani

Editorial comment

  • Taliban Government is anti-India and anti-Hindu.
  • India should boycott the Taliban Government. India should not have any relations with them.

New Delhi – Anas Haqqani, head of the Haqqani Network, which is part of the Afghanistan`s Taliban Government, bowed to Mahmoud Ghaznavi’s grave. He then tweeted a photo of the place and said today we visit the temple of the famous 10th century Muslim warrior and mujaheed (religious warrior) Sultan Mahmud Ghaznavi. Ghaznavi established a century of Muslim rule from Ghazni and smashed the Idol of Somnath.

A few days ago, Anas Haqqani had stated that India is not a true friend of Afghanistan.