Tension at Kawardha (Chhattisgarh) as Muslim mob uprooted Hindu flag

Stone-pelting by Muslims left many injured

Editorial comments

  • There is no surprise to see such an act by the Muslims, as Chhattisgarh is ruled by Congress. There is no alternative but an effective Hindu Unity to prevent such blasphemy.
  • It is agonising that in a Hindu-dominant country like India, the saffron flag of Hindus is uprooted and denigrated by religious fanatics.

Police played the audience !

People say that the Police played the audience when Muslims were pelting stones and the saffron flag was being uprooted. (Do these Police belong to India or Pakistan? – Editor)

Kabirdham (Chhattisgarh) – The incident took place on Karma Devi Chowk, the Hindu flag was replaced by a green flag and Hindu flag was uprooted and thrown. Hence, tension flared in the city. In the stone-pelting by Muslims, many were injured. As tensions remain high in the city, the Administration has ordered the closure of all educational institutions in the city and the abolition of all online and offline examinations. No arrests have been made in this case yet. As a precaution section-144 (gathering for 3 or more people is prohibited) has been imposed in the area and many Police troops have been deployed.

As per the Police, they had conducted a ”Shanti Samiti” meeting with people on 3rd October. In that meeting, they asked them to remove religious flags from the Chowk because of upcoming festivals and to maintain harmony in the city. People from both religions were present and agreed to this in the meeting, but some miscreants reached the spot and caused trouble. As per the local reporters, the picture of Bharat Mata was torn down at this place 5 years ago.