Change in posthumous compensation rules for Central Govt employees

Now only the person nominated by the Central Govt staff will get compensation

New Delhi – The one-time compensation for a Central Government employee who dies while in service has been changed. Now, in case of the death of such an employee, only the member nominated by him (‘nominee’) will get the posthumous benefit.

There is a provision of compensation by the Government in case of the death of an employee while in the service of the Central Government. Until now, there was no need to appoint a ‘nominee’ in such cases. It was also not clear who would be compensated after the death of the employee. Now the rules have been clarified and the entire amount of compensation will be paid to the member nominated by the employee. A statement issued by the Government suggests that only family members can be nominated in this regard. If the employee does not nominate anyone, the compensation amount will be distributed equally to all family members.