Pakistan’s Army officers are joining the Chinese Army : Information by the Intelligence agencies  

Editorial comment

The alliance of Pakistan and China is dangerous for India. India should have destroyed Pakistan before such an alliance was formed, but owing to the lenient policies of India in the last 74 years, India is moving towards more and more treacherous situations. It is disgraceful for all the parties which have ruled this country so far !

New Delhi – Pakistan’s Army officers are joining the Chinese Army according to sources from the Intelligence Bureau.

As per the information given by the sources, Pakistan’s liaison officers have been stationed by China’s ‘Western Theatre Command’ and ‘Southern Theatre Command’. China’s western theatre command is along the Indian border where China appointed General Wang Haijiang as Commander only in the last month. India and China have agreed to withdraw their troops from the border; still, a large number of Chinese soldiers are being deployed in the eastern part of Ladakh. China’s ‘Southern Theater Command’ keeps control over Macau, Hongkong, and few other parts.

Pakistan’s Colonel-rank military officers have been posted even at the Central Military Commission’s Joint Staff Department and Defence Ministry. The Central Military Commission takes decisions on combat planning, training, and strategy of China’s armed forces. Besides the postings in the Army, 10 Pakistani officers have been posted in Pakistan’s Embassy in Beijing.

A senior Indian official said that India is keeping a close watch on every development. (What has India achieved by keeping watch all these years and what is it going to achieve in the future ? – Editor) Both the Armies will be able to help each other extensively.