Conversion Jihad !


Establishing the ‘Hindu Rashtra’ is necessary to make stringent laws against religious conversion to protect Hindus !

In the past few months, the conspiracy of mass conversion of Hindus is being surfaced in Uttar Pradesh. The arrest of Mohammad Umar Gautam and Mufti Kazi Jahangir Alam from Delhi’s Jamianagar in the last week of June 2021, has revealed that the duo has carried out the religious conversion of over 1 thousand people, especially Hindus. The key conspirator, Maulana (Islamic scholar) Kaleem Siddique was arrested last week from Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. The investigation has revealed that Siddique received funding of Rs 3 crore through Hawala for the conspiracy. Now the tentacles of this conspiracy are being traced to Maharashtra’s Nasik with the arrest of Dr Aatif aka Kunal Chaudhary. According to the information revealed by ANI, Aatif completed his medical education from Russia; however, after returning to India, he failed to clear the MCI exam required to practice medicine in India. Therefore, he started his illegal medical practice in Nashik and started enticing his patients belonging to other faiths to convert to Islam. He received funding of a whopping Rs 20 crores for this exercise. Aatif had been in contact with Maulana Siddique, too. This reveals the international module of the ‘Religious Conversion Jihad’ aimed at converting Hindus to Islam.

Radicalised Jihad !

A few days ago, a global conference titled, ‘Dismantling Global Hindutva’ was held as an attempt to brainwash Hindus by demeaning Hindutva; the conference was attended by intellectual terrorists feigning as Communists, Indologists and liberal intellectuals. On the other hand, the series of aforementioned arrests shows that the radicals are constantly attempting to convert Hindus to Islam, thereby calling for a need to be alert. This international conspiracy of religious conversion needs to be uprooted from the source. At a time when the details of this plot are coming to light, a serious question poses itself yet again. Under the pretext of ‘the inclusion of Muslims in the mainstream’, the secular Indian government had begun implementing the recommendations of the heavily biased Sachar Committee report, by bypassing constitutional laws. Special facilities and programmes were showered on Muslims based on a laughable argument stating that Muslims won’t turn to terrorism if given easy access to higher education. The fact that regardless of whether they’re well-educated radicals or foreign-returned academic scholars, they are committed to following the teachings of their religion to a tee, was conveniently ignored. A few years ago, an Indian-origin Australian doctor was accused of being involved in terrorist activities thereby causing a commotion.

A few radicals from Kerala who first joined Islamic State (IS) and have now made way toward Afghanistan to join the Taliban, are highly educated. In 2014, a person named Mehdi Masroor Biswas was arrested for using social media platforms such as Twitter for the spread of Islamic State’s ideologies. He was working with a multinational company in Bengaluru as an engineer drawing lakhs in salary. Based on these examples, it is important to understand that the teachings of Jihad drilled into the minds of the radicals from a young age is almost impossible to unlearn. Even if they are taught the most advanced subjects of the likes of rocket science, the truth is that it can’t shake off the faith of the radicals that they have in their inhumane religion.

Talibani Hindu?

Another vivid example of this is the case of IAS officer Iftikharuddin posted in Lakshmanpuri. A few videos of him during his tenure in Kanpur, have now gone viral. In the videos, he can be seen telling fellow Muslims the importance of converting Kafirs (non-Muslims) into Islam, at his official residence. Deputy Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Keshav Prasad Maurya has taken a defensive stand stating that the legitimacy of the videos is being verified; and if found guilty, appropriate action will be taken against Iftikharuddin. The truth about the videos will eventually emerge; however, had a Hindu officer been in place of Iftikharuddin and found merely participating in a programme held by a Hindu organisation, all hell would break loose with accusations of ‘saffronisation of secular India’, ‘Talibani Hindu’, etc. and made it an uncomfortable situation for Hindus.

The common thread, at the centre of all these events, is conversion Jihad that propagates the conversion of Hindus by hook or by crook. To curb these attempts, the Centre has to introduce a nationwide law banning religious conversion. In addition, akin to making an existing line smaller by drawing a bigger line next to it, it is non-negotiable to impart religious education to Hindus. By ensuring this, no Hindu will fall prey to religious conversion and if at all attempts are made in this direction by the radicals or Christians, Hindus will be able to give a strong counter reply. For the well being of Hindus and the nation at large, the possibility of the realisation of these demands although not impossible is an uphill task. Making the nation a haven for Hindu Dharma and ensuring the protection and well-being of Hindus by establishing Hindu Rashtra is hence the only true solution !