Gwadar (Pakistan) : Baloch Liberation Army blow up a statue of Mohammad Ali Jinnah

Editorial comment

Considering the torture of the Baloch people by Pakistan in the last 74 years; the incident of blowing up the statue of Jinnah is insignificant. However, now the world will have to acknowledge the atrocities on the Baloch population.

Gwadar (Pakistan) – Baloch Liberation Army blew up the statue of Pakistan founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah in Gwadar city of Baluchistan Province. The statue was installed in June this year on the beach of Gwadar. The pictures of the statue before the explosion and the after the explosion are viral on social media. Beebgar Baloch, Media Spokesperson of Baloch Republican Army has claimed responsibility for the explosion through a Tweet. The Baloch Liberation Army has been banned in Pakistan.

Gwadar Deputy Commissioner Major (retd) Abdul Kabir Khan informed that a high-level committee is investigating the matter. He said that the people who blew up the statue had entered the area as tourists. No one has yet been arrested in the case; however, soon the investigation will come to end.

Baloch people are fighting against the present Government for the freedom of Baluchistan and for the demand to stop the torture of Baloch people.