Video of an IAS officer Mohammad Iftkharuddin propagating the benefits of conversion and holding anti-Hindu discussions at his Government quarter in UP goes viral

The video will be investigated

Editorial comments

  • An administrative officer holds such a discussion at his residence and how is it that the Police or the intelligence officials are not aware of it ? Or is it being suppressed deliberately ?
  • If a religious fanatic IAS can do this, then imagine what others can do ! Considering this, it would be justified if people feel that others who also are involved in such activities should also be interrogated.
  • No matter how educated the fanatics are they will never give up their fanatical attitude. When will the progressives and secularists understand it ? It is not clear how many people Iftkharuddin has converted by misusing his position. This should also be investigated.

New Delhi – A video of a senior IAS officer from Uttar Pradesh has surfaced on social media showing Mohammad Iftkharuddin telling some Muslims present at his official residence about religious conversion and anti-Hindu propaganda. In this video, Mohammad Iftikharuddin explains the benefits of accepting Islam. Through Uttar Pradesh, Allah has made available a centre from where they can work to reach across the country and the world, he said. Iftkharuddin has started facing protests after this video went viral. In this regard, Uttar Pradesh Deputy Chief Minister Keshav Prasad Maurya has said, “If any such incident has taken place, it will be seriously investigated.” The video is of Iftkharuddin when he was the Divisional Commissioner in Kanpur.

In this regard, Kanpur Police Commissioner Asim Arun has directed Additional Deputy Commissioner Somendra Meena to investigate the matter.

The authenticity of the video is being verified and the crime angle, if any is being looked into, said the Kanpur Municipal Police Commissioner. (Isn’t it a crime to discuss anti-Hindu propaganda and conversion at Government residence ? It should be investigated and action should be taken in a day or two. – Editor)

Bhupesh Awasthi, Vice-Chairman of Math Mandir Sahakari Samiti, has accused Iftkharuddin of carrying out anti-Hindu activities.

Iftkharuddin distorts information about Hindu Dharma

In the video, Iftkharuddin says that a man in Punjab has converted to Islam. When asked why, he said, after his sister’s death, her body was cremated. Her clothes burned away and she was naked. People present were watching. He was ashamed and felt the way they were looking at his sister today; they will look at his daughter tomorrow. So he decided to accept Islam, as there is no better religion. (Iftkharuddin should be arrested and imprisoned for attempting to spread such false stories about the funeral rites of Hindus. The Central Government should also suspend him. – Editor)