‘Manyavar’ brand should apologise to Hindus and remove the advertisement : HJS

‘Kanyadan’ in Hindu Dharma is ‘Kanymaan’

Inviting Hindus to boycott the ‘Manyavar’ brand’ till it apologises

Mumbai – Marriage is an important sanskar in Hindu Dharma. ‘Kanyadan’ is also an important ritual in it; besides that, offering (Dan) is being considered as the best. “Vedant Fashions Ltd.’ has published an advertisement for the ‘Manyavar’ Brand of clothes. In that, a message is given to Hindus regarding ‘Kanyadan’, while arguing that, it is erroneous to offer daughter (Kanya) in marriage, is daughter an article to offer ? In that message, instead of Kanyadan call it Kanyamaan, is suggested, thereby trying to change the tradition. This advertisement is making false propaganda by wrongly interpreting the religious ritual, is insulting religious acts and hurting Hindu sentiments. Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) protests against the advertisement.The ritual of Kanyadan honours the daughter. It is Kanyamaan only. Therefore, Vedant Fashions Ltd. should apologise unconditionally by withdrawing the advertisement. HJS spokesperson has invited, through a press release, the Hindu community to boycott the Manyavar Brand till the company apologies. In this press release, Mr Shinde has said –

The advertisement conveys that the ritual of Kanyadan is an insult to women. The Bride’s father asks for a promise from the bridegroom in this ritual. Kanya is not given as an article; but while handing over the bride to the groom, the father says, ‘This is a God-given gift, my family flourished because of her, that daughter, I am giving to you. She will increase the lineage. Hence, never cheat her in Dharma (Righteous), Arth (Material gain), Kam (Desire) and Moksha (Final Liberation). Be loyal to her and together be happy in your worldly life.’ The bridegroom says, ‘I will abide by my promise’. This ritual is truly superior, yet the ‘Brand’ has tried to tarnish Hindu Dharma with its so-called progressive attitude.

No religion gives so much respect to women as Hindu Dharma gives; some religions do not even treat women as humans. In Hindu Dharma, a woman is given the place of Goddess. She is worshipped. Religious rituals cannot be performed in the absence of a wife. Despite all this, Hindus are always targeted. Presently traditions such as, ‘Halala’, Triple divorce’ and ‘Polygamy’, so also a mindset believing ‘Woman is a Satan’ exists, leave aside advertisement, but no one comes forward to even oppose for a genuine cause. To maintain social health, action must be taken on ‘Vedant Fashions Ltd.’ and a Censor board be appointed for advertisements. We are going to make such demands with the Government.