Conversion of mother of ruling BJP MLA in Karnataka by religious fanatical Christian missionaries

Conversion of 18-20 thousand people

Editorial Comments 

  • The trick of Christians to record false crimes against those who prevent missionaries
  • Hindus do not expect this to happen in BJP-ruled State !
  • If this is the condition of the house of one BJP MLA, then the plight of ordinary Hindus in the country cannot be imagined ! This situation has arisen today as Hindus do not have education on Dharma. To change this situation, it is necessary to establish Hindu Rashtra !

Bengaluru (Karnataka) – The mother of former Karnataka Minister and incumbent BJP MLA Gulihatti Shekhar has been shockingly converted by religious fanatical Christian missionaries. Shekhar himself gave this information in the assembly and demanded the State Government take action against the Christian missionaries working in his Hosadurg Assembly constituency.

Shekhar further said, “Christian missionaries are converting large numbers in the Hosadurg Assembly constituency. These missionaries have converted an estimated 18,000 to 20,000 people to Christianity. One day a Christian missionary called my mother to pray. “You’ll feel better when you come to prayer,” he told her. My mother was caught in the missionaries’ net of conversion, and later she converted to Christianity. Now they don’t even let her apply kumkum. My mother does not even look at the pictures of the Deities in our house, as well as the worship items in the house. The ‘ringtone’ of my mother’s mobile phone has changed and it is now a Christian prayer.

It is also becoming difficult to perform daily pooja in our home. If we go to tell Mom something, she threatens to commit suicide. We have a big crisis ahead of us. They have resorted to false tactics of atrocities against those who try to stop Christian missionaries. The Government should take action. ”

We will take action in this case ! – Home Minister

State Home Minister Araga Janendra assured Gulihatti Shekhar that he would take action against the proselytizing Christian missionaries. “It is a crime to lure anyone and convert them,” he said.

‘One incident should not be applied to all !’ – Senior Congress leader K.J. George

Reacting to it, senior Congress leader K.J.George said, ‘One incident should not apply to everyone. The fault of some people should not be blamed on the whole church.’

Don’t include everyone in your charges ! – The Speaker of the Legislative Assembly told Gulihatti Shekhar

Assembly Speaker Visvesvara Hegde Kageri backed George’s statement, telling Shekhar not to include everyone in his allegations. (It is because of such secularism of political leaders that their position in the country of Hindus has become sorry today. It is a shame for Hindus ! – Editor)