‘Dismantling Global Hindutva’ threatens to increase racial attacks on Hindus in the US : Fear of Hindus in the US

Editor’s Comments

  • The anti-Hindu intellectual terrorists know that they will have to close their shops once ‘Hindu Rashtra’ is established in India, which they do not want. This is an anti-Hindu international conspiracy and responding to this with radiant thoughts based on Hindu philosophy is the duty of every Hindu towards Dharma
  • The condition of temple priests in India is pathetic. Most priests are poor, but the anti-Hindu speakers depictied falsely that they are landlords and trying to establish the ‘Hindu Rashtra’. Such false claims and anti-Hindu statements should be condemned by Hindus from every platform.

At least now, will the Central Government take steps for the safety of Hindus all over the world ?

New Delhi – Hindus living in the United States fear that Hindu hatred spread through the ‘Dismantling of Global Hindutva’ Conference organised by leftists of the United States will increase the racial attacks on Hindus in the United States. Journalist Ashok Srivastava said that an International Conference was organised to uproot Hindutva. This included participation of several Universities. This is a conspiracy of those who hate Hindus.
Protests were also held in some parts of the United States against the Conference. Protesting Hindus said that many Indian and Hindu students are studying in the Universities participating in the Conference. Hindu-hatred spread through this will have bad effects. Such Conferences may now be held in other countries too.

Mr Niraj Antani, a well-known politician in US, however, said that this Conference is a gathering of anti-Hindu people. Such Conferences encourage attacks on Hindus in the US. Some Universities clarified that they were not part of this Conference but some of their Professors may have participated in it.

A representation was sent to 40 Universities by 150 Hindu organisations including temples and spiritual organisations in the US and Canada urging them to oppose the anti-Hindu ‘Dismantling Global Hindutva’ Conference. Several students studying in these Universities that are co-sponsors of this Conference, their parents, and even their alumni have sent over 1 lakh E-mails opposing this anti-Hindu Conference.