The world should give the Taliban time to form a legitimate Govt and to keep its promises : Imran Khan

Editorial comment

  • Indian should make every attempt to isolate Pakistan for supporting the terrorist Taliban.

Islamabad (Pakistan) – Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan said, rather than forcing the Taliban to do something, it should be encouraged to handle the current situation. It is a daydream that Afghanistan can be controlled from outside. We should take the Taliban in the right direction. The world should give the Taliban time to form a legitimate Government and to keep their promises. He was expressing his thoughts in an interview on a news channel.

Khan further added, the Taliban has captured entire Afghanistan. If they are in the process of forming a legitimate all-inclusive Government and if they have no internal disputes, then Afghanistan will experience peace for the next 40 years. Pakistan is afraid if at all anything goes wrong, then Afghanistan will again become a land of terrorism. (It is hilarious that a terrorist nation expresses worries about another terrorist nation. – Editor) There is no other option than to have ‘give and take’ relations with the Taliban if stability and peace have to be established in Afghanistan.