The organisers of the ‘Dismantling Global Hindutva’ conference received death threats from Hindu activists ! – False claims by The Guardian

Baseless allegations by British daily ‘The Guardian’

Editorial comments

  • This is an example of how the image of Hindus is being tarnished at the global level through anti-Hindu newspapers to show devout Hindus as ‘violent’ and ‘fanatics’ all over the world ! There is an urgent need of uniting Hindus at the global level to thwart the conspiracies of such anti-Hindus !
  • While such a big conspiracy is being hatched against Hindus in India at an international level, the Central Government is expected to take strict action by taking its cognisance !

New Delhi – An online conference called ‘Dismantling Global Hindutva’ has been organised internationally from 10th to 12th September to oppose a very tolerant and peaceful community. While the devout Hindu organisations around the world are lawfully opposing it, the British daily ‘The Guardian’ has made irresponsible and baseless allegations against these organisations. The newspaper reported on its website that pro-Hindu organisations were threatening to kill the organisers and speakers of the conference, while the women speakers were issued threats of sexual violence and violence against their families. It also stated that the women speakers were being opposed by stooping at a lower level. However, The Guardian did not provide any evidence (e.g., a tweet or a Facebook post or an e-mail) for its allegations.

1. The Guardian further reported that the Hindu Janajagruti Samiti, an organisation in India, has strongly opposed the conference and called on the Union Home Minister of India to take action against the participating speakers. (It is a sort of an acknowledgement of the extensive work of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti for the protection of Hindu Dharma. – Editor)

2. The report further said that besides the Hindu Janajagruti Samiti, the ‘Hindu American Foundation’ and the ‘Coalition of Hindus in North America’ have also opposed the conference. Referring to the Hindu Janajagruti Samiti, the Guardian has described it as ‘an organisation accused of killing various intellectuals’. (We condemn ‘The Guardian’ for making such baseless allegations against the Hindu Janajagruti Samiti, especially when the latter has never been involved in any violent activities and every campaign being carried out by the Samiti lawfully. – Editor)

3. Rohit Chopra of Santa Clara University, USA is one of the organisers of this conference. His statement regarding the protests by Hindus has been published in this report. Also included in the report is the statement of Audrey Truschke, an anti-Hindu professor who teaches at the Rutgers University in New Jersey in the United States; however, The Guardian has not taken any effort to publish the stand of devout Hindu organisations. (Realise the Hindu hatred of ‘The Guardian’ which cannot follow even the fundamental principle of journalism ! Hindus must oppose this newspaper appropriately and lawfully. – Editor)

4. According to this report, devout Hindu organisations have sent thousands of e-mails to various universities, which has caused the servers of these universities to crash. (This shows the anger of tolerant Hindus. It should be noted that The Guardian has nothing to comment on this ! – Editor)