Christian girls of Kerala are entrapped in Love Jihad and Narcotic Jihad : Catholic Bishop Joseph Kallarangatt

Editorial Comments

Some incidences came to light where Hindu and Christian girls trapped in the ‘Love Jihad’ and ‘Narcotic Jihad’ are recruited for Islamic State. Hence, nobody can deny this claim by Bishop. The Christians not only from Kerala but all over the country should oppose and try to put a stop to it.

Why the secular progressives who criticise Hindu Dharmaguru and leaders when they speak against jihad are silent now ?

Bishop Joseph Kallarangatt

Kottayam (Kerala) – Christian girls from Kerala are getting entrapped in the ‘Narcotic Jihad’ (Destroying the life of young girls by making them drug addicts) and ‘Love Jihad’. Fanatic youth are using ‘Love Jihad’ and ‘Narcotic Jihad’ to destroy the lives of youth from other religions without using a weapon, claims Bishop Joseph Kallarangatt. He made this claim at a public event organised by the church in Kuruwilangad of Kottayam District. Bishop Joseph Kallarangatt is affiliated with Malabar Church.

Points raised by Bishop Joseph Kallarangatt

Young girls from other religions entrapped in ‘Love Jihad’ are used for terrorism !

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In ‘Love Jihad’ young girls from non-Muslim religions especially from the Christian faith are seduced and converted. Also, they are sexually abused. They are used for violent activities like Jihadi terror. Other people in society need to awaken against such Jihadist.

Kerala is a recruitment centre of Jihad Terrorists

Kerala has become a recruiting centre for Jihadi terrorists, and many Christian and Hindu girls in the State are forcibly converted and sent to camps in Afghanistan. This matter needs to be seriously investigated.

Invalidating ‘Love jihad’ and ‘Narcotic jihad’ can be due to selfish motives !

Some political, social, and cultural leaders as well as journalists are saying that there is no such thing as ‘Love Jihad’ or ‘Narcotic Jihad’ in the State of Kerala. They are turning a blind eye to reality due to selfish motives.

Kerala Sunni Foundation opposes the claims of Bishop

The purpose of his claim is to make the religious divide.

Editorial Comments

  • Once the truth is told, no surprise it will irritate the Islamic organisations!
  • Since Kerala having a communist-led Government, there will be no investigation about Jihad; hence, the patriots of the Nation feel that the Central Government should take the initiative to investigate the issues and bring the truth to the fore and shut the mouths of the fanatics and their organisations.

The purpose of the claims made by the Bishop is to divide Kerala into religious lines. The Bishop should prove the allegations against the Muslim community. Kerala Sunni Federation demanded that the State Government should take the Bishop’s allegations seriously and take action against him for conspiring to divide the society.

What is Narcotic Jihad ?

Non-Muslim youth are made drug addict and their life is destroyed. This way without using weapons complete generation of the youth is finished. Jihad is a part of Islamic Warfare.