Hope Taliban delivers good governance based on Islamic principles : Farooq Abdullah

Editorial comments

  • How could Farooq Abdullah make such a statement given the Taliban’s history and current brutality ? This shows the true mentality of people like Abdullah ! Every religious fanatic wants a system according to his religion, based on Sharia law; wherever this is not possible, they are attempting to do so. When will Hindus realise it !
  • If ‘the Taliban can rule well according to ‘Islamic principles’, then Hindus will rule well according to Hindu Scriptures by establishing the ‘Hindu Rashtra’ in a Hindu country. Hindus will attempt to rule like it was in ‘Ram Rajya’. Why is this not acceptable to religious fanatics such as Abdullah ? Why do they oppose ‘Hindu Rashtra’ ? The history of Hindus tells us that they will never commit atrocities like the Taliban. Can Abdullah deny that Hindus have a culture of serving the interests of all mankind ?

Srinagar (J&K) – Farooq Abdullah, National Conference Chief and former CM of Jammu and Kashmir, extended support to the Taliban. ‘I hope they (Taliban) will deliver good governance and follow Islamic principles in that country (Afghanistan) and respect human rights. They should try to develop friendly relations with every country’, he said while talking to the press.

Taliban supporters demand secularism where Muslims are minorities, while they want Islamic laws where Muslims are the majority ! – BJP

The BJP has criticised Abdullah’s remarks. Nirmal Singh, former Deputy CM of Jammu and Kashmir and BJP leader, said that while women and minorities were being persecuted by the Taliban, Abdullah is seen extending support to the Taliban. In countries where Muslims are a minority, Abdullah wants secularism, and where Muslims are in the majority, he wants Islamic laws.