Attacks like 9/11 could be repeated if the Taliban’s rule is not accepted

Insolent words of Pak National Security Council Advisor Dr. Yusuf

Editorial comment

  • The whole world knows that irrespective of approval given or not given to the Taliban, a terrorist attack is bound to take place; therefore, eradication of the Taliban is the only solution and action needs to be taken towards it.
  • By making such kinds of statements, Pakistan is talking in favour of the Taliban; therefore, Pakistan should also be destroyed.

Islamabad (Pakistan) – Pakistan’s National Security Advisor Dr. Moeed Yusuf has warned the western countries that they may have to face a terrorist attack like 9/11 (On 11th September 2001, Al Qaeda terrorists had destroyed two buildings of ‘World Trade Centre’ in New York by crashing aeroplanes) if Taliban’s power is not acknowledged.

Dr Moeed Yusuf said,

1. The western countries will face an extensive problem of refugees if Afghanistan was separated from the world again. In 1989, Soviet Union’s army had gone back and western countries had kept away from Afghanistan; letting Afghanistan became a shelter for terrorists. Pakistan has not yet approved of the Taliban but is appealing to the global community to hold discussions with the Taliban to avoid a gap from the viewpoint of security. Now is the time for the world to listen to the Taliban and prevent earlier mistakes.

2. If there is no money in Afghanistan, there is no administration and if groups like Islamic State and Al Qaeda try to secure a footing in Afghanistan, thought should be given to its likely repercussions. Also, the problem of refugees will not remain restricted only to that part of the world.

3. This problem will increase the influx of refugees, increase terrorism and nobody would want it. If Afghanistan were left alone, there would be a law and order problem. Wherever there are international terrorists, they can follow the path of terrorism leading to financial problems and it can culminate in attacks like 9/11.