The debates in the Parliament used to be constructive but now the situation is pathetic ! : Chief Justice VN Ramanna rebukes MPs

Editorial Comment

  • What else can be expected after electing representatives who have a criminal background ? All political parties are responsible for this situation. They have made mockery of Democracy. Perhaps, people expect the Chief Justice of India only to do something to change this situation.

New Delhi – “There is a lot of ambiguity and a lack of clarity in the existing laws. We also do not know the reasons for passing certain laws; therefore, people go through mental agony and the hearings get delayed in Courts. This happens when intellectuals and advocates are not in the Houses. Earlier in the Houses, there used to be discussions or debates on laws based on prevailing policies. The present situation is, however, quite difficult”, said Chief Justice of India (CJI) V N Ramanna, and thus, rebuked MPs who create chaos in the Houses without studying the issues being discussed. He was speaking in a programme on our 75th Independence Day organised by ‘Supreme Court Bar Association’.

The CJI said, it is now time for the legal community to lead and take part in the social field. He added :

1. We have seen that many national leaders and freedom fighters were advocates. They not only gave up their practice but also sacrificed their family and wealth to get Independence. (People should not forget that Nehru and Gandhi were responsible for the massacre of 10 lakh Hindus during the partition of India ! – Editor)

2. There used to be detailed and in-depth discussions on laws., which gave a clear picture of how MPs have pondered over the subject; what they want to say on the law or reasons for enacting a law; hence, there used to be less pressure on the Courts while executing the laws.