Sri Lanka urges Taliban to keep all promises: Sri Lanka

Editorial comments

  • It is foolish to expect the Taliban to do so. Sri Lanka should have realised it; at least looking at the recent cruelty perpetrated by the Taliban. 
  • Except for one or two countries in the world, no one trusts the Taliban, then why is Sri Lanka is showing trust in them ? Or is it because of China Sri Lanka has trust in the Taliban ?

Colombo (Sri Lanka) – We are happy with the Taliban’s promise to pardon the general public, protect women’s rights, and not allow any foreigner to take over Afghanistan. We hope you will live up to these promises. Sri Lanka has welcomed the Taliban regime.

Sri Lanka has said that it has sought the help of the United States, Britain, India, Pakistan, and the United Nations to evacuate its citizens.

Former Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe had earlier alerted Sri Lanka not to recognise the Taliban Government. Everyone fears that Afghanistan would become the epicentre of jihadi terrorist groups during the Taliban regime. Hence, Sri Lanka should sever ties with them.