Taliban’s gratuitous advice to India to complete its pending projects in Afghanistan

Editorial comment

  • Why should the Taliban advise what India should do in Afghanistan ? A terrorist organisation from a small country giving free advice to India is quite infuriating !  Patriotic citizens expect India to silence the Taliban.  

New Delhi – India should complete their pending projects in Afghanistan. If India is doing developmental work in Afghanistan, they should continue it for the people; but we will not allow anyone to use Afghanistan’s land for their benefit, for the selfish interests of that country, said the Taliban spokesperson Suhail Shaheen while talking to a news channel in Pakistan. (It is an indirect threat to India – Editor)

Women will be included in the Taliban Government

We will have Islamic leadership and everyone will be accommodated in it. Even women should work in the Government, clarified an office-bearer of Taliban; but the nature of its Government has not been indicated. (Who will believe the Taliban, considering the history and present situation of women’s security in the Taliban?- Editor)

Taliban has appealed to all workers to go back to work in Afghanistan. Taliban has conveyed that people should continue their routine and nobody would be harmed.

 Indications of implementing Sharia Law in Afghanistan

Taliban has indicated to implement Sharia Law in Afghanistan; therefore, people are wiping off and painting walls and hoardings where photos of women were displayed. Women must wear ‘hijab’ as per Talibani law; so, people are taking such action.