RS Chairman Venkaiah Naidu breaks down in tears over the opposition’s ruckus

Editor’s comment

  • Instead of getting emotional about it, Chairman Naidu should suspend the members of the Parliament involved in the ruckus and fine them for wasting time.

New Delhi – While protesting against the agriculture bill opposition party members created a ruckus in Rajya Sabha on 10th August. Some MLAs stood on the tables. Vice-President of India and Chairman of Rajya Sabha, Venkaiah Naidu broke down in tears over the ruckus.

He addressed the house on 11th August in this regard. He stated -Whatever happened in the house was very much inappropriate. It is a shame to democracy. Some MLAs climbed on the table and threw rule books. Last night, I struggled to find out the provocation or reason for forcing this August House to reach a new low yesterday. Some of the members took a video of the House and posted it on social media. It is a matter of concern. They demonstrated to the public how the reputation of the House had broken down. It was due to the competitiveness in some members to display their aggressiveness.