To publish Sanatan’s expansive treasure of 5,000 Texts in Indian and foreign languages, participate in the seva of publishing Texts !

H.H. Sandeep Alshi

Only 350 Texts have been published as of December 2021, and over 5,000 Texts are being processed. For speeding up the process, many people are required.

Depending on your interest and ability, you can contribute in the compilation, formatting and translation of the Texts into various languages.

1. The matter for 5,000 Texts being compiled by Paratpar Guru (Dr) Athavale is ready. You can spare a fixed time for their initial compilation and you can also appeal to your acquaintances to participate in this seva.

If all these Texts are compiled before the coming War, the generations to come will benefit from them.

2. Various sevas available for those who wish to participate in the publishing of Texts 

2A. Compilation of Texts in Marathi : For this purpose, it is necessary to type on computers, as well as possess knowledge of Marathi Grammar and construction of sentences.

2B. Verifying the written Sanskrut quotes, shlokas, etc. and noting their original context : Those interested should have some knowledge of Sanskrut.

2C. Formatting of Texts and Booklets on computer in different languages : For this, those interested should have knowledge of InDesign software.

2D. Translating Texts from Marathi, Hindi, Kannada or English into other Indian and foreign languages : Texts have already been printed in Marathi, Hindi, Kannada and English. To perform this seva, you need to have knowledge of correct Grammar of the language you want to translate to. If you have knowledge of the language but not of its Grammar, you will have to take necessary training. Working knowledge of MsWord and PDF software is also necessary to translate from the original Text.

3. Contact us to participate in the publication of the Holy and Spiritual Texts : The aforementioned sevas can be performed while staying at Sanatan’s Ashram or at home. Those who want to learn the sevas related to the publication of Texts can stay in Sanatan’s Ashram for 2-3 weeks. Later, they can perform seva in the Ashram or at home.

Those who want to perform this seva can send their complete information through the District-sevak with the following particulars, addressed to Mrs. Bhagyashree Sawant on E-mail – [email protected]

Particulars required

1. Full name, address and District,

2. Contact number

3. Age (In years)

4. Qualification

5. Which languages do you know ?

6. Which of the sevas (mentioned earlier in the article) do you wish to perform ?

7. Will you be staying full-time or part-time in Sanatan’s Ashram for seva ?

8. If want to stay part-time, mention the number of days

9. Do you have a computer and Internet available at home ?

– H.H. Sandeep Alshi, Sanatan Ashram, Ramnathi, Goa.