A ‘Ghost’ attacks a Security guard : Claims Mayor of Armenia City (Colombia)

Editor’s comments

  • Had there been organisations like Andhashraddha Nirmoolan Samiti in Colombia, they would have demanded anti-superstition law and imprisonment of the Mayor !
  • As the so-called intellectuals in India are convinced that ‘ghosts do not exist’, they are not ready research it; however, the Western researchers carry on constant exploration !

Bogota (Colombia) – The Mayor of the Colombian city of Armenia, Jose Manuel Rios Morales, has posted a video of CCTV footage on Facebook. ‘A ghost attacked my office at night. He assaulted a security guard’, the Mayor claimed. “The local bishop and other religious leaders will be called to the office to stop this unusual energy”, the Mayor said. (No other religion has as many solutions to remove Ghost possession as Hindu Dharma ! – Editor)

1. In the video shared by the Mayor, an invisible force is seen attacking a security guard and throwing him on the wall. No one was caught behind the security guard. Still, the video shows him hitting a wall and then falling to the ground.

2. The video was ridiculed by many, with some supporting it, saying it could be true.