Muslim youth should get married only within the Muslim community : All India Muslim Personal Law Board

Islam forbids Muslim youth from marrying non-Muslims

Editor’s comments

  • Why has the ‘All India Muslim Personal Law Board’ not mentioned anything when love jihad was going on in the country for the past several years ? Since the religious fanatics won’t stop just by issuing such statements, the Board should start an awareness campaign amongst the people of their religion.
  • The Board should now issue religious order to ban such marriages.
  • Would those, who term ‘Muslim youths luring Hindu girls into marriage’ as love, say anything on the Board’s statement ?
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New Delhi – The All India Muslim Personal Law Board has appealed to the Muslim youth to marry within the Muslim community. The General Secretary of the Board, Maulana (who officially preaches Islam in the Madarsa), Khalid Saifullah Rahmani, issued a press note appealing to the Muslim youth, Alims (religious teachers) and parents regarding the same. The Board made this appeal over the increasing incidents of love jihad in the country.

The Board said in the statement that it was wrong for young Muslims to marry non-Muslims. According to Sharia law, such marriages are not permissible in Islam. If a Muslim marries a non-Muslim and makes a living, he will continue to do wrong all his life. Nowadays, parents are not teaching their children Islam. Hence, the Board called on the Muslim clerics and parents to ask their children to marry within their community.