Grand rally of patriots on 8th August in Delhi

  • Cancel the laws imposed by the British
  • Make laws against religious conversion, Cow-slaughter, illegal immigrants

Why do patriots have to demand it ? The Central Government should make the laws on its own by taking cognizance of these aspects in the interest of the Nation.

Delhi – A grand rally comprising devout followers of Dharma and patriots, is being organised at Jantar Mantar in Delhi on 8th August to demand laws such as Common Civil Law by cancelling the 200-year-old British laws imposed then for ruling over India and to crush the patriotic movements, Population Control Act, Act to stop illegal immigrants, Anti-cow-slaughter Act, etc. in the interest of the Nation. A call has been given on behalf of the organisers to the public to remain present in large numbers in this rally. To make this rally a success, Adv. Ashwini Upadhyay, a patriot and a devout Hindu and patriot speaker Mr. Pushpashil Kulashreshtha, of the Supreme Court are leading this rally.

Law regarding cow slaughter should be made

Many Laws were passed by the British to rule over India. Despite being a free nation now, those laws still prevail. Through the medium of these laws, the British looted our country, destroyed ancient (Sanatan) culture, the Gurukul System of Education, etc. The Congress, Communist and the Separatists in independent India looted our country, changed the history of this Nation and conspired against the Nation through the medium of these laws. Due to these laws, Hindus from Kerala, Kashmir and Bengal have to flee their respective States. Conversion of Hindus is rampant now. Continuing the prevalence of these laws is dangerous for the Nation and Hindu Dharma. Hence, a demand for cancelling such erroneous laws is going to be made in the rally.

This rally is being organised for the welfare of the Nation, Dharma (Righteousness) as well and Sanskruti (Culture). This rally has been organised under the leadership of ex-Army Officer GD Bakshi, ex-RAW Officer Col. RSN Singh, Kashmiri Hindu Leader, Sushil Pandit, Supreme Court Adv. Vishnu Shankar Jain, BJP leader Kapil Mishra, Staunch Hindu leader from Bengal Devdatta Manjhi, Patriot of Jammu-Kashmir Ankush Sharma, Spiritual leader Guru Pavan Sinha, Founder of Subhash Chandra Bose Museum Prof. Kapil Kumar, victim Kashmiri Hindu Lalit Ambardar, President of the Indian History Research and Comparative Studies Mr Neeraj Atri, Vikram Singh, ex-Director-General of Police, Uttar Pradesh, Ex-Officer of the Central Government RVS Mani, Mahant Yati of Dasana Temple Narsimhanand Saraswati, Kalicharan Maharaj, Leader of Gilgit Baltistan, POK Capt. Sikandar Rizvi, actor Punit Issar, Wasim Rizvi, Ex-President of Shia Waqf Board Uttar Pradesh, ex-RAW Officer NK Sood, Retd. Army Major Gaurav Arya, Film Producer Director Vivel Agnihotri, etc.

Realise this,

Hindus are converted on a large scale.
  1. Hindu population in 8 States in India has become less than 10%
  2. Minority Commission was formed by the Congress against the order of the Supreme Court in 2006, due to which are being given facilities to anti-nationals.
  3. Because of the Waqf Board Land Act, Idgah Mosque has been built on the Shrikrushna-Janmabhoomi (Birthplace of Shrikrushna)
  4. Hindu tax-payers money has been spent on salaries to Maulavi (Islam’s religious leaders), Maulana (providers of official Islamic Education), etc.
  5. Government has the right or access to the donation box in Hindu Temples. The money is not meant for Hindus, but Muslims and their religious events.
    When in 8 States in the Nation Hindus have become a minority, then why they are not given the entitlements of minorities and given amenities as minorities ?
  6. Muslims are permitted to impart education on their religion, then why not Hindus ?
  7. Why is the punishment same for different crimes – Adulterators – 7 years, Rapists – 7 years, those involved in religious conversion – 7 years, Traitors – 7 years, those involved in Scams – 7 years, attackers as well as Conspirators of the Nation – 7 years?