11 lakh 58 thousand overseas cyberattacks on India in 2020

300 % rise as compared to 2019 

It is disgraceful that despite having Indian youth in the fastest growing Information Technology sector in the world, such a large number of cyberattacks could not be prevented.

New Delhi – Last year, India witnessed 11 lakh 58 thousand cybersecurity attacks from foreign countries. The cyberattacks recorded in 2019 were 3 lakh 94 thousand. In comparison,  the number of attacks rose by 300% in 2020. This year, up to 6 lakh cybersecurity attacks have been recorded till June end.

India has opened National Cyber Coordination Centre. The Centre instructs the related Government Departments and Organisations to avoid cyberattacks.

Indian Cyber Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) is responsible for stopping the cyberattacks. 700 organisations, systems and businesses from India have already been warned against cyberattacks and instructed to update the systems to fight the attacks.