BJP divided the only Muslim-majority State of India : Blames Mehbooba Mufti 

  • World’s only Hindu-majority country was partitioned after killing 10 lakh Hindus, why does Mehbooba Mufti not talk about it ?
  • Who displaced 4.5 lakh Hindus from Muslim-majority Kashmir and why ? Who issued fatwa from the mosques that thousands of Hindu men should leave the State and leave behind their wives and children ? Who killed these Hindu men ? Why does Mehbooba Mufti not talk about it ?
  • Mehbooba Mufti should always remember that the world has seen what minorities have to face in Muslim-majority countries. The world has also seen how Muslims live in a Hindu-majority country.

Srinagar (J&K) – It is saddening that the only Muslim-majority State has been divided and that too, not by the Indian Constitution but by a political party, criticised PDP president Mehbooba Mufti on the party’s 22nd-anniversary event. She urged to re-introduce the special status to Jammu and Kashmir.

Mehbooba Mufti said, our party will always fight for the State’s peace and people’s rights. To resolve Kashmir’s problem and stop the bloodshed here, discussions should be held with Pakistan and there is nothing wrong with it.