HJS’ Special Online Webinar on ‘Displacement of Hindus in India : Causes and Solutions’

Mumbai – “Kashmiri Hindus have faced religious genocide for the past 32 years. The present Government is also ignoring this genocide. The ‘Jihad’ that brought about this genocide of Kashmiri Hindus is now spreading its tentacles all over the country. Its branches will go on spreading if we do not strike at its roots. The genocide of Hindus should be called a ‘religious genocide’.

Considering the prevailing conditions in Kashmir, it has not been possible as yet to bring back the displaced Kashmiri Hindus to their own land. Concrete steps should be taken by the Union Government for the rehabilitation of Kashmiri Hindus even though Clause 370 applicable to Kashmir has been abbrogated”, said Mr. Rahul Kaul (National Convener of ‘Youth for Panun Kashmir’) during a Special Online Webinar organised by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) on ‘Displacement of Hindus in India : Causes and Solutions’.

This was held through HJS’ website – Hindujagruti.org, and shown on YouTube and Twitter. This Special Online Webinar was joined by 2,173 people.

Mr. Vinod Bansal (National Spokesperson of Vishwa Hindu Parishad [VHP]) said, “India is the only country in the world where its majority population is suffering at the hands of its minority population. Hindus had to run away from Mewat (Haryana) even as the Chief Minister at that time promised to change the situation in Mewat. Unfortunately however, the situation there has not changed.

Not just Mewat, there are many cities and Districts in India which are now getting divided. It is very difficult to find a solution to these problems till every Hindu does not think that it is his duty to protect his self-respect, Nation & Dharma. It is necessary to be alert and fight against such things”.

Mr. Anil Dhir (National General Secretary of ‘Bharat Raksha Manch’) said, “We will get a clear picture of the population of all communities in this country in the census of 2021, but there is a dire need to pass a law on population control in this country. Hindus have had to run away from Bengal out of fear after the State elections and subsequent violence.

It is necessary to find out the real reasons why Hindus had to run away from Bengal. India should learn from other countries and bring laws and solutions to solve such problems”.

Mr. Sunil Ghanavat (State Coordinator of HJS for Maharashtra) said, “Along with the exodus of Hindus from some places, there are many more issues such as destruction of the temples of Hindus, oppression of Hindu women, etc. taking place all over the country.

Hindus are forced to leave due to ‘Land Jihad’ not only in the border regions but also in other places. This is a big danger to the security of our country. Hindus need to be alert and see to it that ‘mini-Pakistans’ are not created in different parts of our country. Not only displaced Hindus from Kashmir, but all displaced Hindus in rest of the country need to be rehabilitated”.