33 out of 78 Cabinet Ministers have serious criminal charges against them

24 Ministers are registered for serious crimes such as murder, attempted murder, and robbery

New Delhi – The total number of Ministers has reached 78 after the the Central Government expanded its new Cabinet. According to a report by Association for Domestic Reform (ADR), ‘42%, that is 33 Ministers have criminal cases registered against them. Twenty-four Ministers are booked for serious crimes such as murder, attempted murder, robbery, etc. . The information is based on the declarations submitted by these Ministers during the elections.

Minister of State for Home Affairs Nitish Pramanik is accused of murder

The youngest Minister of the Cabinet, who is appointed as Minister of State of Home Affairs, Nitish Pramanik, has been registered for a murder case under IPC Section – 302. Interestingly, his education is only till the eighth grade. Also, Ministers John Barla, Pankaj Choudhary, and V. Muraleedharan have been registered for attempted murder under IPC Section – 307.

15% of Minister’s education level is 8th to 12th Grade

15% of the new Cabinet Ministers, that is, 12 Minister’s education level is up to 8th to 12th Grade. 64 Ministers are graduates. Two Ministers are Diploma holders. 17 Ministers are Degree holders, 21 Ministers are post-graduates and 9 Ministers are medical Degree holders.