Taliban claims control over 85% of Afghanistan

The United Nations and the international community must reveal what steps they are going to take to contain the Taliban.

Kabul (Afghanistan) – Amidst the withdrawal of the US Army from Afghanistan, the Taliban’s spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid has claimed to have gained control of 85% of the Afghan territory by the Taliban. A Taliban group in Russia said that 250 of Afghanistan’s 398 districts were under its control. The Taliban leader claimed of having control over all the border areas from Iran to China. The group has also taken control of the village of Islam Qala, which is important from a security perspective along Iran’s border. The Afghan Government has not yet commented on the claims.

President Joe Biden has said that the entire US military will withdraw from the region by 31st August. On the other hand, peace talks are underway between the Taliban and the Afghan Government. Attempts are being made by the Taliban to gain as much control of the territory as possible before a final settlement can be reached.

Pakistan’s concerns over the changing situation in Afghanistan

Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi and National Security Advisor Moeed Yusuf expressed concern over the current situation in Afghanistan. They hinted that Pakistan will not be able to tackle the influx of more refugees in case the armed conflict intensifies in the neighbouring country. (The world knows that Pakistan supports the Taliban. Hence, if the situation in Afghanistan deteriorates further and it affects Pakistan, then its responsibility will remain on Pakistan ! – Editor)