India using Afghanistan soil for nurturing terrorism against Pakistan : Pakistan President Arif Alvi

  • The pot calling the kettle black
  • Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has admitted that Pakistan had provided all kinds of aid to the Taliban and the Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan for many years. Why is Alvi not referring to it ?
  • It is well-known that Pakistan had been nurturing Jihadi terrorism against India for the last three decades. Why is Alvi silent about it ?

Islamabad (Pakistan) – India is supporting extremism and terrorism in our neighbouring country, Afghanistan. India is using the land of Afghanistan for terrorist activities and war against Pakistan. A few days ago, the blast outside Hafiz Saeed’s house in Lahore also had Indian support. India is conspiring to destabilise Pakistan by funding terrorist organisations, alleged Pakistan’s President Arif Alvi. This allegation was made in a communique issued by the Pakistan President’s Office. Alvi, earlier also has made such venomous allegations against India. Indian Foreign Ministry strongly opposed Alvi’s allegations.

Alvi made these allegations on India a few days ago after meeting Turkish Army Chief General Umit Dundar. He had said that India is funding and training terrorists from Afghanistan. He also called on Turkey to assist Pakistan.