Youth held by the Police on the suspicion of theft dead

Mob of religious fanatics hurl stones at a Police station, burn Police vehicles, and use homemade bombs

  • If the Police are responsible for the custodial death of the youth, Aman Ansari, by beating him up, then it should be investigated and the Police must be punished severely. However, religious fanatics will never be allowed to take the law in hand for this incident.
  • The possibility of the Trinamool Congress Government in the State giving harsh punishment to those hurling stones and bombs at the Police station is highly unlikely.

Asansol (Bengal) – A mob turned violent after a youth named Aman Ansari reportedly died in Police custody. As per the reports, Ansari was picked up by the Police on the suspicion of theft. Religious fanatics hurled stones, set police vans on fire. They also hurled bombs at the Police station. Police had to use tear gas and lathi-charge to bring the situation under control. Following the incident, two Police officials have been suspended. Inquiry of the incident is being carried out.

Reference : Hindustan Times