Hindus in India have more faith in Deity Shiva, Shri Ganesh, and Deity Hanuman : Survey of Pew Research Centre

New Delhi – Several findings from the survey conducted by ‘Pew Research Centre’ are coming forth. The survey asked Hindus about their favourite Deity. 97% of Hindus identified themselves as the ones who believe in God with majority of them considering Deity Shiva, Deity Hanuman, and Shri Ganesh as most favoured Deities. However, one-third of Buddhists do not believe in God at all.

When given the opportunity to select the Deity they feel closest to, Hindus most commonly select Deity Shiva (44%). In addition, roughly one-third (35%) of Hindus feel close to Deity Hanuman, while 32% of Hindus feel close to Shri Ganesh.

In the Western India, the most common Deity Hindus feel close to is Shri Ganesh (46%), while 15% of Hindus in the Eastern India feel the same. In the Northeast, 46% of Hindus said they feel closest to Shrikrushna, while just 14% of Hindus in South India felt the same.