Drones spotted hovering over Indian Military camps for the fourth day in a row

7 drones spotted in the last 4 days

  • If India is unable to stop these small drones, how will it stop missiles and nuclear bombs ?
  • Along with stopping these drones, Pakistan, which is behind these drone attacks also should be wiped out. Today, they are using drones to attack India, tomorrow Pakistan may use latest weapons to attack India. Pakistan must be taught a good lesson before it dares to do so.
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Jammu – For the fourth day in a row, the Indian Army spotted drones. Two drones were seen hovering over Miran Sahib, Kaluchak and Kunjwani areas of Jammu around 4 to 5 am on the 30th of June. As per the reports, Army spotted one drone near the Air Force station signal, in Kunjwani area. In the last four days, at least seven drones have been spotted in Jammu around the military camps.

PM Narendra Modi held a meeting with Home Minister Amit Shah, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh and National Security Advisor Ajit Doval on 29th June. It was said that the decision was made about coming out with a strategy to collectively deal with the emerging challenges. It has also been said that the three forces were being told to adequately focus on bridging the gaps in effectively dealing with the challenges of these drone attacks and go for the procurement of the necessary hardware to contain those.