An ailing woman in ambulance which could not pass due to President’s special train dies

  • President sends District Administration to the woman’s home for the family’s condolence
  • 4 Police officials have been suspended
Unfortunately, a common man has to always suffer as the traffic is halted when motorcade of a VIP is passing through an area. The President should order the Administration to find out a permanent solution for it.

Kanpur (UP) – The traffic was halted for about 45 minutes when India’s President Ram Nath Kovind’s special train passed the Govindpuri bridge. Vandana Mishra (50), the Head of the women’s wing of ‘Indian Industries Association’ was being rushed to the hospital in a serious condition. She died due to not reaching the hospital in time. As soon as the President’s wife, staying at the Government Rest House received this information, she informed the President. He immediately asked the Kanpur Police Commissioner along with other 4 Police officials to visit the family for offering the condolences. Mishra’s family members had pleaded with the Police deployed at the bridge repeatedly, but they did not relent.