Hindu families prepare to flee Kanpur due to terror unleashed by the religious fanatics

  • ‘House for sale’ signboards put up outside the houses
  • Incidents of harassment of Hindu girls, threats and beatings of Hindus by the religious fanatics.
  • Police provide protection to Hindus
  • In the last few years, Hindus are being forced by the religious fanatics to flee from the Muslim-majority areas of Uttar Pradesh, a Hindu-majority State. Instead of curbing such incidents, new incidents are emerging day-by-day as no concrete measures are being taken. Besides protecting Hindus in the State, CM Yogi Adityanath should strictly warn the religious fanatics
  • If this is the situation in UP, what would be the plight of Hindus in those eight States where they are a minority ?
  • The so-called liberals, communists, Congress leaders never utter a word of protest against the miserable condition of Hindus in such settlements; however, they label Hindus as extremist if religious fanatics are denied a home in Hindu-majority areas.

Kanpur (UP) – The minority Hindus in the Karnalganj area of UP are reportedly in a bid to sell their houses and flee the area. A few days ago, tensions erupted in the area due to harassment of Hindu girls by the religious fanatics. As a result, Hindus in the area are now preparing to migrate. Only 10 Hindu families are living here. They are being forced by the religious fanatics to convert. Hence, Hindus have put up the signboards outside their houses indicating that the houses are for sale. After receiving information regarding the matter, the Police assured Hindus that they would be protected. Meanwhile, the Police also pasted notices outside the houses of religious fanatics, urging them to maintain law and order. (Instead of arresting the religious fanatics, the Police just stick notices outside their houses even after they commit crimes like molesting Hindu girls, threatening and beating the Hindus. Owing to the fact, it should not come as surprise if anybody accuses the Police of supporting the religious fanatics. – Editor)

Kanpur Police Commissioner Asim Arun said that all the Hindu families have the right to live safely. Police have been deployed due to tension in the area.

We have been suffering from many years – Hindus

Hindu families in the area said, ‘We have been suffering from this problem for the last several years. Hence, we think the only solution is to flee. Incidents of molesting, beating up have become a daily affair. Some of the religious fanatics are even creating pressure on us to convert’.