100 kg beef being transported on two motorbikes, seized in UP

It is shameful to the Police and Administration that despite a ban on cow slaughter in Uttar Pradesh, cows are slaughtered, and the beef is being distributed. In the States where cow slaughter is banned in India, cattle are being slaughtered and thebeef is distributed. Hindu Rashtra is necessary to change this situation.

Mainpuri (UP) – In an unexpected incident that took place in UP’s Mainpuri, two motorbikes were caught transporting beef while the search was on for goat thieves. The bikers left the bikes and fled the spot. Approximately 100 kg of beef was found in the seized bags. The Police are investigating the matter.

Speaking on the incident, Hindu Jagran Manch’s District President Jay Prakash Chauhan alleged that the villagers had initially caught the bike riders, but the Police asked villagers to release them. However, the Police have denied these allegations. (The allegations made by Hindu Jagran Manch should also be investigated. – Editor)