Mob on its way to a Dargah in Sikandra attacked the Police

3 Policemen injured

  • How will the Police that cannot defend self, protect the society ?
  • This shows how terrified the Police are of the fundamentalists. Realise that the Police that terrorises the Hindus get bashed up by the religious fanatics.

Sikandra (UP) – The Police got bashed for stopping the mob that was on its way to a Dargah to offer ‘Chadar’. Hundreds of people attacked the Police with stones, bricks and canes in which 5 Policemen including Sikandra outpost in-charge were injured. They have been admitted to the nearby hospital, where the condition of 3 Policemen was said to be critical. A case has been registered and the Police have arrested 3 persons so far.

On 6th June, some people from the Sarai Mamrej area had gone to the Ghazi Mian Dargah to offer ‘Chadar’. As soon as the Police patrolling near the dargah got the information, they tried to stop the crowd saying that as Section 144 had been imposed, gathering was not permitted. There was an argument between the mob and the Police over this matter, which later turned into a scuffle and the mob attacked the Police. After the arrival of additional Police squad, the Police could control the mob.