Calling Haridwar Kumbha Mela a super-spreader of Covid-19 is unfair

The IG of Police said that out of 9 lakh people tested, only 0.2% were reported to be positive.

People who shouted at the top of their voices calling Kumbha Mela a super-spreader of the second wave of Covid-19, were proved wrong based on this information. Will anti-Hindus open their mouth on this ?

Haridwar (Uttarakhand) – From 1st January to 30th April, a total of 8.91 lakh RT-PCR tests were conducted. Out of which, only 1,954 tests (0.2 %) were positive. Out of the16,000 Police personnel deployed for the Kumbha Mela, only 88 of them (0.5%) got infected with Covid-19. During the Kumbha Mela period from 1st April to 30th April, 55, 55,893 people took the swab test out of which 17,333 tested positive. Based on this data, it is a wrong perception that Haridwar Kumbha Mela was a super-spreader of Covid-19 in the country. This statistical analysis was given by IG Sanjay Gunjyal, who was responsible for the security arrangements of Haridwar Kumbha Mela.

Sanjay Gunjyal said that on 1st April, when the Kumbha Mela started, number of Covid-19 patients had already started increasing due to the second wave of coronavirus in other States like Maharashtra, Haryana, etc. The analysis of coronavirus patients in Haridwar District from 1st January to 30th April shows that the perception of Kumbha Mela being responsible for increasing coronavirus infection is wrong.